Do you trust your Garage to give you a correct Car Service?

Car services and MOTs are essential in maintaining a road-safe and environmentally sound vehicle. Most car services are required once a year or every 10,000 miles – whichever comes first. This varies between makes,Do you trust your Garage to give you a correct Car Service? Articles models and years of cars, as some older cars require a service every 6 months to keep them in tip-top condition. It is worth looking at your car’s service history and then taking it to a reputable, trustworthy garage to carry out the maintenance on your vehicle.

Although a standard car service can vary, most garages will check the following as part of a standard car service:

· Oil and filter change,

· Air filter change,

· Fluid checks including Anti-freeze,

· Brakes, belts, and other systems check.


Although they will be checked, general and normal wear and tear on windscreen wipers, tyres, and brakes pads are often not included as part of a standard car service.

At home, you can help to maintain your vehicle by doing the following:

· Check your tyre pressure: use your car’s manual to find out what pressure your tyres should be at. Also check for tread depth and look for cuts on side walls which can weaken your tyres.

· Check your oil using your dipstick every couple of weeks and always before long journeys.

· Check your coolant levels and top up (only when your engine is cold).

· Check your screen wash and top up regularly.

· Check your windscreen for any cracks, chips or stone damage as minor chips can spread an break Seattle limousine service glass, as well as impair vision.

· Check your lights every week including your indicators, brake and fog lights as well as your headlights.

· Keep an eye on your bodywork and repair damage before rust sets in.

All of the above will be checked as part of a standard MOT which also checks your vehicle’s exhaust emissions, the exhaust system, seatbelts, seats, doors, mirrors and a number of other checks. MOTs should be carried out every 12 months unless your car is less than three years old, and your car must have a valid MOT. As the MOT test does not cover the condition of your engine, clutch or gearbox, car services vital in ensuring your car runs smoothly.